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Geoff's Projects – Surface Mount is Easy –
Soldering surface mount components (SMD) is easy and can be done with a a
few projects using some surface mount devices and does not want to turn it into a
I tried a hot air gun, an electric frypan and a toaster oven and found that the 

United States Postal Service

The U.S. Postal Service projects that cutting Saturday delivery will addition to using standard the form of an electronic stamp, or e-

EEVblog #434 - SMD Thermal Pad & Drag Soldering TutorialEEVblog #434 – SMD Thermal Pad & Drag Soldering Tutorial
Dave shows another method for hand soldering a surface mount SMD chip with a thermal pad, using both liquid and gel flux. A method using hot air is here: htt…

Electronic Assembly and PCB Assembly – Electronic Keyboards Inc
10 years of experience in SMT, and 30 years in PCB and electronic assembly. If you have a need for a state of the art attentive facility for your printed circuit …

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New Strategies To Export Manganese Discovered, on Tue, 28 Jan 2014 01:45:00 -0800
The Ghana Manganese Company (GMC) in partnership with SMT, a Dutch worldwide shipping company, is expected to put into operation a new mode of exporting manganese. The new Currently, GMC exports an average of 2 million tonnes per annum using handy

DIY Surface-Mount Circuit Boards | Circuit Cellar
But time and technology don't leave anyone at peace, so my projects have gradually drifted toward surface-mount design.” In his article, Lyman shares the techniques he developed for designing prototypes using SMD 

Lead-Free Electronics: iNEMI Projects Lead to Successful Manufacturing
Edwin Bradley, Carol A. Handwerker, Jasbir Bath, Richard D. Parker, Ronald W. Gedney, published 2007, 500 pages