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Types of Amplifiers

6 Different Types of Car Amplifiers to Consider | eBay
A class D amplifier processes sound in different way than the other classes. No
current runs to the transistors when audio is absent, making it more efficient.

Valve audio amplifier

A valve audio amplifier (UK ) or vacuum tube audio amplifier (United States ) is a devices prevail in most audio amplifiers today, valve

Car Amplifier Types | Car AudioCar Amplifier Types | Car Audio
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COLLECTION – Bang & Olufsen – Sound
Hear the difference. Perfecting techniques that reproduce audio as close to its original form as possible. Bang & Olufsen's acoustical, electrical and mechanical engineers work closely together to make sure that only the finest audio fills a room, ensuring those within the ultimate experience.

class-3-the-fundamentals-of-designing-with-semiconductorsClass 3: The Fundamentals of Designing with Semiconductors
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Beyond the Op Amp

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Amplifier Classes from A to H | Circuit Cellar
to your needs, you'll find columnist Robert LaCoste's article in Circuit Cellar's December issue helpful. His article, “Amplifier Classes from A to H,” provides a comprehensive look at the characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses of different amplifier classes so you can choose the best one for your application. This solution is considered as the perfect reference for audio applications. But there is a serious downside. Because a continuous current flows through its collector, even 

High Performance Audio Power Amplifiers
Ben Duncan, published 1996, 463 pages